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This is a project of school assignment. I spent some time on researching how to animate a person who is swimming. I learned a lot from this project, I started from modeling, binding, texturing and animating. For swimming animation, I found some references of people swimming and also the action class of my college helped me a lot.

Artist: Weiheng Kong

This shot is at the moment when he gets into the water. I imported the animated character into the blender. And I adjusted the volume and color of the environment. Also, I applied a very strong light above the scene with some moving mask under the light to simulate the movement of light ray underwater. Plus, I used the particle system in blender to make some bubbles.

The way to make underwater is the same as the shot1, but I spent more time on how to animate in this shot. I researched a lot on how he changes the state from swimming to stopped and looked around, which involved the chest, wrist, pelvis and head. How all of those parts of body work together was the problem I was thinking about when animating.

The movement of the water surface took me sometime to make. I finally found a way in blender, which is Dynamic paint.It is quite easy to use this tool to simulate the water surface. However, I still need to think about how to simulate the splash of the water.

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