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Matte Painting

I think one of the most important things in matte painting is a correct gray level relationship. Without it, It will be difficult to colorize the pictures efficiently because the color always will mislead the painters’ judges toward the gray level. Hence, when I add a new object into the picture, I will firstly adjust its gray level in order to match the overall gray level. Only after I get a correct gray, then I will adjust the color. In this manner, I can finish all of the work efficiently.


Another thing is perspective that is pivotal to form a painting. If the perspective is wrong, the paintings will appear weird. Therefore, I will always spent a large amount of time on searching for elements with similar perspectives I need from the internet. Then, I will use the distort tool in Photoshop to adjust the objects’ perspective carefully until they look correct.


Some of the elements, like the clothes of a character in the pitcutre, which is very hard to find the ones that you need from the internet. However, I won’t focus on the shape and I will notice the texture. I just need to find the similar texture. For example, the pictures in this page, it is not easy to find the same astronauts with the same gestures, so how can I draw the space suit? Well, I only need to find the texture that I need in the internet like If in a picture, the texture of the space suit is right, I will use mask and rotation to place the texture on the right position so that I can make out the space suit.

Artist:Weiheng Kong

Cosmic Attack To design a astronaut, the first thing I should consider is the perspective relationship between him and the comprehensive scene. Thus, I used the default human body in the Zbrush and then used mask and move tool to make the gesture. And then put this model into this scene so that I could get a initial frame with right perspective. In this way, I can do the subsequent work easily without errors. And I also use this method to design the dead driver, which really help me a lot. About the space suit, I hadn’t found the totally same space suit. Therefore, I found the picture below and use the texture in his arm and rotate it to match the gesture of the model. With the subtle adjustment of the brightness using the level and color balance tool, I finally got the satisfying one. I also used the same way to do the trouser and shoes.

Exploration To design this character, I used a different method. I first found a picture with a man in the right gesture and then subtly adjusted it. About making a mechanical bag, I don’t directly search the elements such as a scifi bag or stuffs like that. I chose to search the pictures of some machine so that I could make use of the elements in the machine. Therefore, I found a scifi-machine and the shape of it was similar with a bag and I used it. By using this way, I could fastly seak the elements I needed from so many objects, which really helped me save a lot of time.

After Tsunami

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