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Nose world

This is a world full of different noses. Everyone is proud of his or her nose. Some has long nose, Some has short nose, Someone's nose can sing a song and someone's is able to draw a significant painting. 

Artist: Weiheng Kong


To describe more and mroe details at the character's face, I use multiple materials to express the feeling of a skin. I add height to simulate the texture of human skin and paint color red at some areas where is common in people's cheek. Addtionally, I also carefully adjust the reflection of different parts of his face.


For the best consequence, I used Arnold as my render tool. In the process, I met lots of problems such as disappearance of the hair and lost of materials. To simulate the silk of puff sleeve, I adjusted for a lot of times, but whatever indexes of color, weight, roughness and IOR I changed, I still couldn't get the effect I wanted. After a long time of research, I finally found I should adjust the index of Anisotrophy and finally got it.

At start, depend on this story, I needed to design a lot of characters with long nose that is their symbol. So I found a lot of animals with long nose and the characters who have long nose in a cartoon. Finally, because the people in this world need their noses to eat, so I chose the elephant's nose that likes a long pipe. I designed them through the environment they lived. For example, There was a place where always were covered by snow, so the character living here needs a ski to help them move. Furthermore, I also consider their figure, some characters were fat, so I aslo designed one who were always nervous about that he couldn't wear the clothes which was too smalll for him.

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