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This story is derived from my life, when I was a high school student, I always experienced the same story in the morning. In weekday, when the alarm clock rang, I would turn off it and pretended to get up, of course, I always failed because I always would feel that I had gotten up and brushed my teeth. The thing was, when I prepared to get out the door, I would wake up and find I was still on the bed! And then, I would fail to get to school on time, which was pretty bad! So I just want to show you my own experience through this story. The reason why I will choose octopus in this story because firstly, it is a unusual things that are impossible to appear in our home. Secondly, octopus can give viewer a kind of feeling of mystery because such creature always live in deep ocean where is full of dark and unknown.

Artist: Weihengkong

When I started to draw this scene, I didn't know how to precisely describe the relationship between white and black because there were so many buildings in this image. Where was the border of the shadow; How dark a shadow was; Both of them were pretty difficult for me and I tried a lot of time and all failed. So I learned that I could use 3D software to assist me. I modeled a scene and applied a light and then rendered it. At last, I used this gray picture as a reference that helped me accomplish the image.


This is the scene in john's dream, So I tried to make the whole image look a little bit bizarre. So I added the elements of octopuses. But I still needed to follow some logic, so I let them pop out from the stool and sink where are connected with the sewer. For interior design of restroom, I rederred to a lot of designs from the internet and finally selected a long and narrow rectangle one because in this way, the octopuses from sink and stool and John can be placed in a fine position, which benefits the composition. Addtionally, I also referred some pictures about the effect about a light through a window.

I use Maya and Zbrush to accomplish the modeling first and expand UV. Then Substance Painter helps me with my work of producing texture. Finally I profit Arnold to render the final picture. The most difficult thing was that how to produce water across the octopus only by texture, finally I found I could use bump and gave it reflection to simulate the water and eventually I succeeded.

Produced by:

I designed a lot of gestures of john, first I didn't add a background so that the image looks a little bit dull. So then I added some backgrounds that appeared in the story, which make the image more intriguing. For drawing the folds of clothes well, I referred to some picture s of vests and shorts in the internet. Furthermore, John is very sloppy, so I added some details such as he wore different shoes when he walked down the street.

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